Putting money aside is a great way to guard yourself against the unexpected and make significant progress towards bigger financial goals and investing is one of the ways to go about this. Investing is simply allocating resources into something, like a business or asset with the intention of generating or gaining profit in the future. Investing comes with the potential of a greater reward and some risks involved too. Investments can be grouped into 3 kinds

  • Retirement investments
  • Education Investments
  • Brokerage investments

You can find more information about the above listed investment types, there are several other kinds, but those listed above are the most common. The type of investment you decide to choose depends on what you are looking to gain and how much you are willing or comfortable with risking. Low risk equals low returns and vice-versa for high risk investments. A general and well known rule in the investing community is to "Invest an amount you are willing to lose and avoid putting ALL your eggs in one basket"  Also put in mind that risk and reward are different sides of the same coin in investing. They go hand in hand.


There are a vast number of investment types currently in these times. But some common ones to know about a

Many professional investors diversify their portfolios using the asset classes listed above and creating their own perfect mix based on their risk tolerance level and insights about whatever market, company or asset they are buying or holding.


A tip i got as i started delving into the world of investing was to start with simple investments like ETFs before moving on to Stocks, real estate and other alternative asset classes. Investing is risky and you should not do it yourself if you are new. Enlisting the help of professional broker or adviser is vital to fully understand and specify your preferences and risk tolerance level and most importantly developing a strategy.


Investing is not reserved for only the rich and wealthy. Anyone anywhere with a stable internet and phone device can start investing with as little as $10. You can purchase low priced stocks. There are lots of apps you can begin using that provide you access to professional investors who can help you for a minimal fee and other options to grow your money yourself.

Doing your own research is an important step before deciding to invest in any business or asset. Never invest in anything you don't understand else you may encounter grave losses. Investment education is important. Rely on experienced investing professionals and learn as much as you can before doing it yourself.

 At SAMPEDIA will help you understand all you need to know on how you can leverage on these assets to earn passive income. There are several articles you will find here to guide you. For more information leave a comment or message.