05 Jan

   Analysts at wall street are optimistic about the prospects the market will offer in year 2022, But, The exact industry or company where this growth will come from can be a cause for uncertainty sometimes. The best stocks to invest in could come from unexpected corners of the market. Several disruptions in 2021 from Covid 19, Inflation and a host of other economic factors made the markets unstable, but the consensus for the stock market's direction is heading up in 2022.

International stocks can provide new opportunities  for investors to diversify and grow their earnings massively. Lots of countries outside of the U.S are experiencing economic growth at an unusual rate. So keeping tabs on international stocks could be a smart move to consider. Let's review the best 5 performing stocks.


   ASML is a Netherlands based technology company. It's a Mega cap company, But still worth including because of the potentials for their stock to go higher. They are the world's largest producer of EUV (Extreme ultraviolet) lithography machines, which is the most powerful chip or Integrated circuit(IC) in the world.

 These Chips are needed by semi conductor manufacturers to create electronics and all sorts of I.T products. Being one of the world's top producer of these technology, They are approaching a monopoly which will make their stock much more valuable. ASML is currently worth a whooping $320 Billion, They've spent years and decades researching and perfecting their technology with consistent improvements. each EUV lithograph machine costs over $150 Million.


   Yandex is currently Russia's largest web searching engine with over 90 million user's in russia alone. represented as 'YNDX' on Nasdaq, It has a market cap of over $14 Billion. It's mostly called the "Google of Russia" and it owns over 50% of the Russian market, while google has about 45%.

Yandex offers free live maps, music, email services, videos, public transport, cloud services and so much more. Yandex has also seen it's market share rise in recent years and it's likely to experience much more growth and displace google to become the major search engine in Russia.

3. NIO

   NIO is a Chinese multinational company that engages in manufacturing, design and sales of electric vehicles. They are pioneers in driving innovations in the automobile market with regards to autonomous driving and artificial intelligence. Smart cars or self-driving cars are the future in the automobile industry and NIO is becoming a major organization taking this technology to the next level. Think of NIO as the "TESLA" of China. They are currently valued at $46 Billion in total assets.

NIO stock took a hit and reached low price levels in late December of 2021 due to some policies in china, But it still remains a good opportunity and stock for global investors to look into.


   They are an e-commerce company located in brazil, represented as "STNE" on Nasdaq, They offer digital payment services in all forms. This company has a high potential of expanding to the entire South American market and will certainly offer good ROI opportunities to investors.


   Shoprite is a primary food and groceries retailing business that targets consumers at all income levels. It's currently Africa's largest grocery chain and operating in almost 3000 locations across 14 countries within Africa. it's represented as 'SRGHY' on Nasdaq and has it's headquarters in South Africa.


   Investing in international stocks and emerging markets tends to be very rewarding because of their high growth potentials, But a few risk factors  exist like:

  •  Political Instability can lead to stock devaluation.
  •  Volatile stocks
  •  Failures to communicate and meet investor expectations
  •  High fees and taxes sometimes.

Lots of investors are not familiar with the opportunities/potentials present in international markets because they receive less attention from financial analysts and the media. But investing in foreign stocks could provide ways to benefit and profit from markets outside the United states. There's always risks involved as described earlier that comes with investing in stocks or companies outside your country, that you may not be very familiar with no matter how well the stock is performing. But there's never been a better time than now to give it a try, since most of these stocks have a track record of being consistently well performing, They could offer potentials to make some great returns in 2022.

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