23 Oct

     Are you ready to begin investing in Cryptocurrencies? Well, It's fairly simple to get started except you've been living in a cave for a while, Because there are resources all around the internet that teach how to get started, But, We will give you the easy and simple guide about how to get involved just incase you don't know your way around.

Although Cryptos have been around for about a decade, it has expanded into a wide and sophisticated technology that can be sometimes difficult to understand for the "Uninitiated". Irrespective of the volatility and wild price fluctuations, Crypto assets still provide great opportunities for massive gains, But that's if you can stomach the risk. 

Getting Started.

     Digital platforms like coinbase, binance and robinhood have made it significantly easy for people to invest in popular digital currencies like BTC, ETH and so on, All you have to do is: For example, just go on the coinbase website or download the app, signup, and follow the instructions. Some platforms are a little complicated to navigate, But ask questions we're here to guide you on this venture.

If there's an Altcoin you've discovered will probably become the next Bitcoin in a few years from now and increase in value, And you're interested in buying it, You will need some BTC or ETH to be able to make this purchase. As a general rule, you can't buy any altcoin with Fiat currency(paper money) But this may change soon, Anytime.

A popular complain  i hear is "But I don't have the money to buy 1 bitcoin or ETH, You don't have to start by investing huge sums of money, you can get in the game by buying fractions of a crypto, start as small as you're comfortable with.

Exchanges make money by charging fees for any transaction that is conducted. there are also platforms/websites where you can interact directly with other people who are looking to sell their Cryptocurrencies. But exchanges are more Safe, secure, reliable and easy to deal with.

Storing Your Digital Currencies.

     You need a wallet to be able to store and secure the codes that make up your crypto portfolio, am not referring to an actual physical wallet. Crypto wallets can be in the form of a Software or hardware wallet.

Software wallets enable easy access to your currencies at any time (Trust wallet, coinbase wallet).

Hardware wallets are physical devices in the form of a USB drive ,and they are more secure than software wallets, they will store your currencies offline. (Trezor, Ledger Nano)

Tips For Investing In Crypto Responsibly.

     If possible, Before investing or committing your hard earned funds to any crypto, consult a financial advisor, or anyone that knows in-depth about crypto assets, So you get the right Guidance on how to diversify your investments and make an investment plan.

If you're a risk averse individual, Cryptocurrencies are not for you, No one knows or can predict what will happen in the market, And this is true for all investments in the financial market. Making the wrong investment move can cause losses in the entire value of your money. So apply sense and don't risk everything into what you don't understand. You can always take out your money at any time back into the safety of your bank account,  if you consider Cryptos too Risky for you anyways.

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